We have an extensive range of wooden bookcases available in store in every size and shape The wide ranges of furniture we sell means you'll find the perfect bookcase to suit your tastes. From New Oak Bookcase to painted and rustic oak bookcases.

Avon Low Bookcase 2 Drawer
H: 80.5cm     W: 90cm    D: 32cm              ..
Avon Low Bookcase With 1 Drawer
H: 80.5cm     W: 49.5cm     D: 32cm             &n..
Avon Tall Bookcase With 2 Drawers
H: 180cm     W: 90cm      D: 32cm            ..
Bordeaux 2 door bookcase
H: 195cm     W 100cm    D 40cm               ..
Bordeaux Large Bookcase with Drawers
H: 195cm     W: 91cm     D: 35cm              ..
Bordeaux Small Bookcase
H: 116cm     W: 91cm     D: 35cm              ..
Burford Oak Low Bookcase
H: 90.5cm      W : 90cm      D : 30cm        ..
Cambridge Large Bookcase
H: 185cm     W: 35cm     L: 85cm             ..
Cambridge Low Bookcase
H: 90cm     W: 35cm     L: 85cm              ..
Cambridge Tall Slim Bookcase
H: 180cm     W: 30cm     L: 60cm             ..
Chloe Medium Bookcase
H: 180cm     W: 75cm    D:  30cm             ..
Deluxe Rustic Oak Large Bookcase
H: 196cm    W: 91.5cm    D: 35cm              ..
Deluxe Rustic Oak Small Bookcase
H: 116cm    W: 91.5cm    D: 35cm              ..
Dijon Low Wide Bookcase with Drawer
H: 122cm    W: 96.5cm    D: 35.5cm            &nbs..
Dijon Tall Wide Bookcase with Drawer
H: 198cm     W: 96.5cm     D: 35.5cm            &n..
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