Holmes Hill Furniture, East Sussex, Oak and Pine Home Office Ranges

Avon Low Bookcase With 1 Drawer
H: 80.5cm     W: 49.5cm     D: 32cm             &n..
Bordeaux 2 door bookcase
H: 195cm     W 100cm    D 40cm               ..
Bordeaux Large Bookcase with Drawers
H: 195cm     W: 91cm     D: 35cm              ..
Bordeaux Occasional Cupboard
H: 77cm    W: 100cm     D: 45cm              ..
Bordeaux Small Bookcase
H: 116cm     W: 91cm     D: 35cm              ..
Breeze Bookcase - Tall
H: 184cm      W: 68cm      D: 38cm           ..
Burford Oak Low Bookcase
H: 90.5cm      W : 90cm      D : 30cm        ..
Burford Oak Small Cupboard / Cabinet with 2 Doors
H: 65.5cm      W: 65cm      D: 33cm          ..
Deluxe Rustic Oak Large Bookcase
H: 196cm    W: 91.5cm    D: 35cm              ..
Deluxe Rustic Oak Printer/Occasional Cupboard
H 83cm    W 75cm     D 45cm               &nb..
Deluxe Rustic Oak Small Bookcase
H: 116cm    W: 91.5cm    D: 35cm              ..
Dijon Low Wide Bookcase with Drawer
H: 122cm    W: 96.5cm    D: 35.5cm            &nbs..
Dijon Tall Wide Bookcase with Drawer
H: 198cm     W: 96.5cm     D: 35.5cm            &n..
Dorset 3ft Bookcase
H: 90cm   W: 90cm   D: 30cm                  ..
Hever Small Cupboard (Available in White or Grey)
H 80cm    W 50cm      D 35cm          &n..
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